Friday, May 20, 2011

Talk About Blog: New Project Ideas

Each month, Handmade Division team members have the opportunity to write a blog post on a given topic. This month's topic is: What new project are you working on now and why?

A project that has been floating around in my head for awhile is a personal series of pieces incorporating mementos from my grandmothers. It's been 21 years since my maternal grandmother passed away; I lost my paternal grandmother at the end of last year. I have wonderful memories of both. From an early age, I remember being drawn to their jewelry collections (of course!) my maternal grandmother kept her earrings on a mirrored jewelry tray on her dresser. During each visit as a child I'd organize her jewelry tray, matching up her earrings and arranging them in neat pairs. My paternal grandmother had a drawer with stacking trays and later a jewelry armoire. I remember going through the drawers with her...she'd tell me about the pieces my grandfather gave her and sometimes she'd give me something to wear or even keep.

As I think about creating pieces in memory of my grandmothers, there are many possibilities. I know that I want to etch their handwriting for these pieces. I still have letters from both of them. A small heart-shaped stone that I found with one of my grandmothers could look interesting in a bezel setting or prong setting. I have bits of jewelry from both of them, with some broken pieces that I would love to somehow rework and incorporate into these keepsake pieces. I like the idea of also incorporating a tiny photo.

While this project is still in the early planning stages, it is one I think about often. I'll wait to begin the work of fabricating until the time feels right and I have a clear vision for these pieces. I'm in no hurry.

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  1. Wonderful project, Lisa! I hope you continue to blog about this as you progress and create something beautiful!

  2. oh, so romantic! I love jewelry that incorporate special memories & thought... every piece you male will be super special. I can't wait to see it!