Sunday, May 1, 2011

Calico Lace Ring: Ring A Week No. 18

When I first got this calico lace agate cabochon I didn't know what I'd make with it but I knew I couldn't hide the back of this stone; the backside is as gorgeous as the front. The stone also features a small translucent pool, allowing light to pass through its depths. I love the dimension and the small white orbs visible within the frosty pool.

I chose to use this stone in my eighteenth Ring A Week piece. I wanted to keep as much of the two sides of the stone visible as possible so I have given it a bezel setting, cutting a large opening in the sterling seat to frame the back of the stone, and soldering the sterling shank to the edges of the frame. Below are progress shots of the ring before setting the stone:

I really like the open back of this piece and the stone's secret window, hidden when worn but fun to take off and hold up to the light.