Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ring A Week No. 22

I had so much fun fabricating my twenty-second ring for the Ring A Week challenge. I love its soft, sleek shape and soft satin finish. I don't actually love it as a ring though. Perhaps it's just not a good match for my fingers but I thought it looked odd on my hand. I decided to also make a smaller version for earrings, which you can see below, and I'm pleased with how they turned out. The ring looks nice hanging from a chain so I may wear it as a pendant. Its hollow form makes it wonderfully light weight.

Both the ring and earrings were made from Argentium silver. Argentium has a slightly higher silver content than sterling (a minimum of of 93.5% vs. a minimum of 92.5% in sterling). Germanium replaces some of the copper used in sterling silver, making Argentium silver tarnish resistant and a bit whiter and brighter. It is also firescale resistant. Argentium is produced using recycled silver.

These are the first pieces I've created using Argentium and I really enjoyed working with it. Each ring is created from two halves that I soldered together. I used Argentium silver solder which is an excellent color match for this metal and I am pleased that there is no visible solder seam.

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