Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's time for the Handmade Division's monthly Talk About; participating members blog on a given topic. This month's topic is: Where do you draw your creative inspirations from?

I am often inspired by small elements in nature, as well as by words. A great quote, my current reading list, or favorite poetry are all creative sources for me. My recent luna moth piece is an example inspired by both nature and words, combining one of my nature drawings with poetry. The luna moth is a favorite insect. I kept bumping into the creature in my reading this summer, first while rereading Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer, and shortly after in a magazine article. It seemed time to work with luna moth imagery. I wanted to create a dimensional piece that incorporated poetry. Since I am not a poet, I began searching through some favorite public domain texts for suitable verse. I came across a poem,"The Wife from Fairyland," by Richard Le Gallienne and fell in love with four lines:

Green leaves and silence and two eyes--
'T was so she seemed to me,
A silver shadow of the woods,
Whisper and mystery.

The words inspired part of the design. I used them as background, hand lettered in copperplate script and etched into the silver cupped portion of the piece. Rather than oxidizing the words for contrast, to make them stand out and become more legible, I chose to leave the background silver, the words a subtle fluid texture, whisper and mystery. The etched luna moth hovers above, casting its silver shadow across the words.

This Luna Moth Necklace was included in the recent Art on the Wabash exhibit.

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