Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Craftsmen and Ring A Week Number 4

My dad is a talented woodworker as was my grandfather. I am fortunate to have really beautiful wood pieces made by both of them. Inspired by the abilities of these men in my family, I've been experimenting with a bit of woodworking myself, considering possible ways to incorporate wood into my jewelry designs.

While visiting my family over the recent holidays, my dad gave me some pieces of walnut wood leftover from my grandfather's workshop. Over the past few weeks I've enjoyed experimenting with the wood, learning to work with it and respecting its differences from the metal I am familiar with. For my fourth ring for the Ring A Week Challenge I have made this ring from a piece of walnut and I've riveted my sterling silver heart design to the walnut band.

I wanted to also try cutting an intricate design in wood so after finishing the ring, I hand cut this walnut heart with a design similar to the sterling silver heart:

I look forward to continuing my experiments with woodworking.


  1. So talented you are! Loving the wood and silver mix.

  2. What a special ring, Lisa! The mix of wood and silver is lovely. Your handsawn walnut heart is beautifully intricate. Amazing work! You obviously inherited some of your artistic ability from your father and grandfather :-)

    What does your father think of your first attempts at woodworking? I'm sure he's well impressed!