Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talk About :: Collaboration

It's "Talk About" time again for the Handmade Division. Each month the members of our group blog about a given topic. This month's topic question: "Is there an artist you'd love to collaborate with? What would you like to create?"

I've mentioned in a previous post collaborating with my friend, Julia. Another artist I'd like to collaborate with is my husband. Mark is a potter. (See his fantastic work above!) I'd love to carve my lettering and designs into some collaborative pieces. I think it would be amazingly fun to design and create pottery pieces together. I remember when we first met being intrigued that he was a potter since I'd always thought I'd enjoy learning to work with clay. While we were dating, Mark taught me to throw on his pottery wheel and we had such fun together in his pottery studio. We had intended to do more of it, but somehow we haven't. We're busy with our own work and projects, and some of the plans we had envisioned together have been sidetracked.

We do collaborate well. We've worked on stained glass projects together, we cook together, and we've enjoyed taking many creative classes together. This topic is a fantastic reminder to reevaluate our creative plans and goals as a couple and maybe even spend some time together in the pottery studio again.

These are the first two pottery pieces I made, with assistance and and instruction from Mark. Perhaps the next time I post about pottery it will be to show you the results of our collaborative efforts.

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  1. Lisa - lovely website, great post. My better half and I are collaborators in a different way, we're both musicians and he edits music that I engrave. It's fun to share the playing field with someone you love. Sandy W.

  2. Thanks, Sandy! It sounds as if you and your husband enjoy your music work together! That's wonderful.

  3. hehe! a built in collaborator!
    And, lovely pottery!!!
    Lucky you :)